SKU : F600120026000132


Technical information

1. DC Power Supply 12V – 16 V.

2. A battery backup system while keeping the lights off 9 VDC.

3. Display with LED 7-Segment 4 primary.

4. You can change the time is 99 hours 59 minutes.

5. There are switches used to control the number four.

     5.1 Set Switch

     5.2 Hour Switch

     5.3 Min Switch

     5.4 Start/Reset Switch

     5.5 Alarm off Switch

6. By the time the alarm sounds Required Contactors and relays Used to control other electrical equipment.

7. Reverse Polarity Protection.

8. Dimension 8.70 cm X 11.22 cm (11.15" X 8.86").

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