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usage condition A circuit that converts AC power into DC power. Which provides a constant output voltage, both positive and negative. The voltage output by the number of IC Regulators Series 78XX (+), 79XX (-), which allows the input voltage up to ± 35V (7824 (+), 7924 (-) using pressure. ± 40V) and power amplifier in the first part of the circuit has been designed with a LED display circuit when the output voltage. And also the number of transistors MJ 2955 (+), MJ 3055 (-) to extend the current increase of approximately 5 A, which can be connected in parallel to increase the flow to another. In the selection of IC Regulators consider it from the table.


Technical information

1. The supply of power transformers CENTER TAP up to 24V, 0V, 24V AC.

2. IC Regulators Series 78XX (+), 79XX (-), which has a fixed output voltage high.

3. Can output DC voltage. Both the positive and negative side.

4. The output voltage based on the use of ICT Regulators 78XX, 79XX.

5. 1 A output current

6. Can flow when the transistor current gain.

7. Dimension 7.48 cm X 10.6 cm (2.94" X 4.17").


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