usage condition A circuit that converts AC power into DC power and adjustable output voltage range from 1.25 V to 30 V, and -1.25 V to -30 V at the core of the integrated circuit Regulators number LM317 (+. ) and LM337 (-), the IC regulator's output voltage at the positive. Can have a positive input voltage 40 VDC (LM317) Input negative -40 VDC (LM337) and the maximum output current of 1.5 amps to adjust the output voltage by adjusting the VR1 positive side, the negative adjustment. the VR2 on the part of the circuit has been designed to accomm- date the transistor as Burton MJ 2955 (+), with MJ 3055 (-) to extend the current increase of about 5 amps and can be connected in parallel

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